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I really think you are a complete idiot

or either are some robot. Your logic on defending GMOs against negative comments is because you "have never heard negative claims made about GMOs". lol Get real. Thats moronic logic. I will repeat this in other words... Your sitting here telling me your defending GMOs simply because you have never heard any negative claims AGAINST GMOs. Well now you have, and I've seen several others, MANY others make negative claims against GMOs. So will this now trigger you to reconsider fighting back against negative claims of GMOs? Will this perhaps trigger some research on your behalf to actually look into GMOs? lol

Let me paint the picture for how stupid you sound...
If I was ignorant about MSG or HFCS and then someone tells me MSG and HFCS was bad, your logic would be to say "MSG and HFCS are not bad because I have never heard negative claims about them.". So based on the fact you've never heard negative claims automatically makes them GOOD? lol You are an idiot if you believe that, and are the DUMBEST Ron Paul supporter I have EVER met(and I have never met a dumb Ron Paul supporter other than you).