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A myth?

Is it a myth that the amount of fresh water available for direct human use is ~0.007% of the total water on Earth?

Is it a myth that thousands of people starve to death in the world each day because there is not enough food available?

Is it a myth that millions of people live in tent cities and are malnourished in third world countries because there a no jobs or good food for these poeple?

Is it a myth that arable land to farm on is decreasing throughout the world due in large to desertification?

Just because you don't see it firsthand doesn't mean the problem doesn't exist.

In regards to your statement about giving everyone in the world a sq. mile of land: these people would survive only assuming that they have access to fresh water(or any at all), food, shelter, electricity, and all of the other goods and services we enjoy in our modern time. Without these things, spread out the population and that just ensures death.