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Two problems

I can see at least two problems with what you are proposing, though I'm sure he would appreciate the thought of someone looking out for him (and to that, I commend your generosity). But first problem presumes that he needs the money and that the next place that employs him won't be willing to help him relocate should he accept the position.

Second problem is this would present a conflict of interest that he himself is trying to avoid. He has deliberately stated he is not part of our movement, even if he reports on things we are aware of and are typically first to hear about. He's a real journalist who cannot be bought, and therefore we should respect that and not try to throw money at him, as that would put pressure on him to advocate for us, or it would at least seem to outsiders that we're the ones who pay his tab.

This would severely damage his credibility, so I would recommend not to do anything except be in contact with him and share sources of info and let him do his own thing. Remember, we share the truth in common, and that's what brings us together. Not because he's "ours".

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