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Comment: I have all of the registered voters in Rhode Island

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I have all of the registered voters in Rhode Island

All parties.

Sue4theBillofrights why do recommend just focusing on Republicans? Just curious as to your logic.

I'm thinking of going for the people who list themselves as INDEPENDENT. Most of our state is registered Unaffiliated or Independent. When I went to renew my license the woman asked me if I'd like to register to vote and named like every single party except Republican. She was surprised to hear that there were ANY Republicans in Rhode Island. I told her that I was a Ron Paul republican...but that I would like to change to Unaffiliated and I took the opportunity to tell her about the RNC and managed to slide in that "the democrats did the exact same thing with the teleprompter at their convention - so they are both broken parties."

RI is good for the pissed off Democrat and the Independent vote in my opinion.