Comment: It's kind of like calling abortion clinics healthcare.

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It's kind of like calling abortion clinics healthcare.

A Global Health Initiative = A Global Death Initiative

Your fetus isn't a disease.

Hillary Clinton is a straight up Nazi who wants America to take the fall for her crimes against humanity. They want tax dollars to fund the abortion clinics they would call healthcare for the poor, because they want no money trail leading back the to people who actually endorse this agenda. It will be you and I who get the blame.

She'll call carbon taxes healthcare for the environment when what it is is a socialist mass murderer attempting to engineer a Malthusian catastrophe. Somewhere right now there is a person living right on the edge, in poverty, facing famine, barely hanging on, and those who would intentionally drive up the cost of energy know exactly what they're doing.

Like all good un-Progressives; they're giving people a little nudge.