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what site did you go to?

Here is the page with dozens of studies documenting GMO health risks:

The proposed solution on this site in not more government, instead educating consumers, and getting us to be proactive in letting food manufacturers know if they will not take GMO's out of their product we will not buy the crap, and it's working! So much so that Monsanto and the GMO cartel has poured tons of their money (100x what we can afford to counter) into propaganda that GMO's are good for you, just like their other products: DDT, Agent Orange and PCB's, (do you need research on why these are bad too?)
Monsanto and the rest of the GMO cartel is actually trying to get MORE GOVERNMENT control. One way is by trying to make it illegal for products to say that they are not GMO and going after farmers who have their seed contaminated with neighboring GMO crops (claiming they now have a patent on their crops)

So where did you get that "my site", I think you are refering to ? (which I believe is Jeffery Smith's site) proposed that "WE NEED GOVERNMENT TO SAVE US."?

If you prefer to watch a video rather than read please watch: