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Comment: Like I said before, if you

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Like I said before, if you

Like I said before, if you agree with his philosophy and want to add yourself to his tally, then I think it is perfectly fine. I, obviously, would never want to be counted as a Romney supporter, but it's fine if we disagree on that. I just don't like when I see all this talk about people needing to vote for Romney to beat Obama. It makes no logical sense considering one persons vote won't matter in effecting the outcome. Once you understand that your single vote won't impact the outcome then the only reason to vote is because you support the philosophy of the person and want to make a symbolic gesture of support by adding one number to his tally.

I also point this out because I think we could have more fruitful conversations if we focused on why you should support a particular candidate or philosophy, rather than saying you should vote this guy so that guy doesn't win. I'm just tired of hearing people say things like, "if you don't vote for X then you are voting for Y" or "If you don't vote for X then you hate this country and the constitution." I'm not saying that you are saying those things, but just giving some friendly, unsolicited advice on a way to make these kind of posts more constructive. Not to say that posting a pro-Romney post isn't going to get a lot of vitriolic responses, he is despised by most of the liberty movement, but it might lessen it a bit. Just my two cents.

One last thing, Ron Paul and Romney are not close philosophically. I only need to point out that Ron Paul is very sympathetic to the anarcho-capitalist philosophy that permeates the LRC and Mises crowd, and in his perfect world the government would only be involved in defense, police, and the judicial system. Romney isn't even close to a min-archist.