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Comment: Wow, I've been thinking along

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Wow, I've been thinking along

the same lines for the past few days. Great minds think alike? ;-)
The difference is that I think of it this way:
We are not electing royalty to lord over us. We are electing housekeepers. If you hire someone to clean your house and that person began slashing your furniture, you would start yelling at that person, throw that person out of your house and sue for damages.
If you hired someone to mow your lawn but that person then decided to cut down your prized rose bushes, you'd start yelling at that person, throw h/er off your properly and sue for damages.
Yet we allow idiots to enter the halls of Congress on nothing more than feeble promises, or worse - because we're used to seeing them there - and when they wrap even heavier chains of slavery around us, we do nothing.
Government is a compact between the sovereigns - the people - and those we hire to defend and keep secure our liberties. If those hired break that compact we have every right to throw them out and not through a system they devised for themselves to make that process near impossible to execute. The people should have started doing this from the get-go, but should have especially demanded that Judge John Marshall be thrown out of SCOTUS. For 34 years that ratbag destroyed states' rights in favor of a strong central government, ruining Republicanism through injudicious review. We also find one of the greatest flaws in our Constitution - they didn't prescribe a way to quickly get ratbags out of the judiciary.
I know a lot of people didn't agree with Prop 8 in CA, but that's what the people wanted. It did not nullify domestic partnerships, just defined marriage. But as they did with Prop 22, the courts said the people can't create the laws by which they wish to be ruled.
That's what the real outcome of those decisions was about - not allowing the people self-government.
And yes, I do believe the marriage issue should be the sole decision of the churches and the government should be kept out of it, but the govt forced itself into the issue by making different taxation rules for marrieds and singles, and a whole host of other laws.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison