Comment: Bt toxin affects the intestines on a cellular level

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Bt toxin affects the intestines on a cellular level

I've seen slides of the intestinal changes and the cell villa are elongated and more permeable. It looks like precancerous changes, which could be down the road, but before that the gut becomes 'leaky'. Foods pass into the blood stream in states which are not totally digested. The bodies response to these pieces of prematurely absorbed foodstuff is an inflammatory allergic reaction. The body develops antibodies to get rid of the particles and the next time you eat the food you are 'allergic' to the food. When I was a kid, many decades ago, NO kids were allergic to food. Now, most kids are allergic to something. It's coming from somewhere and I believe that GMO foods are a likely suspect, or at least part of the gang causing many health problems today. I know that there is nothing wrong with eating non GMO foods, so while the jury is out.... I went GMO-free, all organic, a couple weeks ago.

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