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What A Load

Of hypocritical, judgemental, irrelevant and usless garbage.

More people have suffered and died over the ridiculous nonsense in the bible that passes for god's word than anything else in human history. Nothing else even comes close.

Go research The Council of Nicea. When you do you will discover your bible is nothing more than a collection of stories and myths that Constantine, the bloodthirsty, power crazy leader of the roman empire at the time, edited together into a single volume for the purpose of uniting the entire known world under a single belief system. Why?

Because every tyrant in history knows to control the masses you have to control their belief system.

The bible as you know it collected the writings that supported Constantine's notion of the angry, judgmental, revengeful patriarch that scares the crap out of everybody. Every tyrant also knows people are easier to control when they are afraid.

All the bible was intended to do was create a unifying belief system so Constantine could expand the empire, and more easily send the sons of conquered nations off to die in some other place for the glory of rome.

One look at the United States today, where christians routinely send their sons and daughters off to die in shitholes like Iraq and Afghanistan, tells us the bible is still working beautifully for it's intended purpose.

As I listen to all of you well meaning folks spout your quotes, I am left shaking my head.

Forget your ill conceived holy book. It's a load of crap. God's voice is loud and clear in every human heart, for anyone who cares enough about being responsible to be quiet and listen.

This goes for jews and moslems as well. All "holy books" are nothing more than a means for power hungry assholes to take your money and tell you what to do.

Is Jesus were alive today he's tell us to think for ourselves and listen to our hearts. And be responsible, and stop waiting for god to save you. Thou art god. Save yourself.