Comment: Why?

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Why would you have to go to the website for a comment to tear to shreds?

Doesn't the name of the website give you enough to tear apart?

I mean after all the name of the site allows you to pick anything the government has its hands in and rip it to shreds.

Why waste the time to read what you already know he is spewing. I'm sure it is a bunch of government takes care of you, keeps you safe(from the terrorist), and now that they fixed healthcare they will be working hard on what is now known as the Obamaphone. It will be really great everybody will get a gov phone complete with 24/7 GPS tracking so you can know your child is safe as long as he has/she has their Obamaphone. And don't worry it will be paid for by the mandate to require everybody to buy one...if you can not afford one, one will be appointed to you so that they can keep you safe from kidnappers.