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I am a libertarian

I am a libertarian Mormon.
The part about Joseph Smith saying that the Constitution would one day hang by a thread is indeed true. I don't know anything about a "white horse" and I have certainly never seen that part of it mentioned. I have seen the quotes from various Mormon/LDS prophets, and I've never seen this white horse part mentioned.
The members of the church are supposed to help save the Constitution, or at least that's one interpretation of the prophecy. If that's the case, they have a long way to go, because most of them are blindly voting for Mitt Romney. There's no way I would ever vote for him.
Here is President Ezra Taft Benson, a Mormon prophet who spoke quite often about politics and the Constitution.
And here's Ron Paul saying the Constitution is hanging by a thread... so it's not just Mormons lol.