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Glad to meet you.

To clarify, you are libertarian but not a Libertarian (party) I suppose. There is quite a difference. However, you seem open minded to hear my beliefs about this issue, which is awesome. I went to BYU for a semester and that's how I learned about the "white horse" prophecy. My professor raved about it's existence and declared that the Constitution was indeed "hanging by/like a thread". The link I originally provided explains this white horse part, although it's a wikipedia entry, so it might not suit your needs. So, here is more about this White Horse Prophecy:

or just google "White Horse Prophecy"

even this guy reported it, with references from Brigham Young and other Elders :

Why did Ron Paul say it? I don't know. But, I don't know why Jesse Benton was around so long either. So, obviously Ron Paul is not perfect but saying those words doesn't bring him down to any level in my opinion. It's rather catchy to say "hanging by/like a thread" but I'm more worried about the intentions behind who is saying it. As Mercy Me sings....I can only imagine.