Comment: Have to agree.

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Have to agree.

When I joined 20 years ago, I joined of my own free will right out of High School. I was a blind sheeple to be blunt. I didn't join for the money, the college (hated school) or the medical(17 via delayed entry and no health issues). I joined to serve my country. I guess according to a previous post I was a "blacksheep". Though when I was in I was not a rare find...

You see I wanted to defend my country and help preserve Liberty. I was not aware of the incremental erosion of Liberty here. I was not aware of the evils our Government perpetrated. I was not aware of our Governments meddling in the middle east since at least 1920. In my "world" we were the "beacon of light" and had done no wrong.
If I was me back then and after reading these posts I would have locked my heels in and said fuck you all after reading some of these posts...
You certainly would not have convinced me of anything and you would have earned my fury.
This crap here does not change a soldiers mindset, if anything it encourages them to close up and get angry.

Hell I still have kneejerk reaction of "Fuck you".