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Information I could find so far

"Congressman Ron Paul is coming to Utah on October 18. He will speak to the public at Utah Valley University (UVU) in Orem, Utah, about 1:30 that afternoon!

Details are still being finalized, but you need to know about this now so you can SAVE THE DATE, make arrangements to attend, and notify a boatload of friends and family to come with you. This event will be publicized on EventBrite within a few days. More on that later."

Here is what is known right now:
• Who: Congressman Ron Paul
• Date: Thursday, October 18, 2012
• Time: approximately 1:30
• Location: Utah Valley University (UVU), exact venue is yet to be determined
• Cost: No charge (free)

Utah Valley University
800 West University Pkwy - LC408, Orem, Utah 84058


After Party at Pizza Pie Cafe!
2235 North University Parkway, Provo, UT

This is the post Ron Paul rally party! At 4pm those of us who have worked up an appetite from all the yelling are going to re-convene at Pizza Pie Cafe in Provo to fuel up and discuss how awesome we know the upcoming Ron Paul visit is going to be.

As of Oct 6:

598 people have confirmed going to the event
180 maybes
6,174 invited

and that's just those on facebook. Include all the friends and family those people are going to bring, all those students on UVU campus (30,000 students) that are curious about what's going on, LDS liberty sites and other liberty networks are lighting up about this and spreading the news, people from all around the state and surrounding states (some are setting up carpools right now). This is going to be big. I believe they were expecting 1000 but I bet it will be well over that. I believe it will be overflowing this time around. Let's overwhelm the campus! How great would it be if we get more people coming to hear Ron Paul than Romney even after the primaries, and in Utah of all places. Let's do it!