Comment: Wood is a POS

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Wood is a POS

She presents some rare pictures of some odd events and claims Energy weapons caused it. Energy weapons are obvious nonsense. I try to point out that that the footage is simply CGI and fake, you know, what they do i Hollywood all day long. She is one of these agent paid by the 911 operation management to hide the image fakery and promote a silly idea that makes everyone who doubts the official conspiracy theory look like lunatics.

AJ is a gatekeeper, also paid by the 911 operation management. He protects medias involvement in this operation, the victims story and that planes did crash into WTC but not Pentagon and Shanksville.

Foreign hijackers crashing planes into buildings and killing 3000 is the basis for the War on terror, etc. Without that part off the story, WoT couldn't go on. Planes and the victims are what the 911 operation management need, and they are still in operation and protecting that part with lots of their agents.

If you still believe that planes crashed in Pentagon and Shanksville, you must be a little slow. You will never understand much before you understand medias involvement in the 911 operation. It was just a Hollywood horror movie on TV, and they faked it all, including the victims. So the operation wasn't a conspiracy to murder.

Odd that you cannot see any of the media fakery that went on. I have posted a very simple and very crucial illustration many times, but I assume you don't event understand this:

You should investigate that illustration. It really proves a lot.

Maybe you wold be interested in this quite unknown fact from that day. Almost all of the first eye witnesses on the news networks were media professionals: