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I have some sort of respect for John Stewart, because I have seen the clips in which he defends Ron Paul, and I appreciated that. With that being said, I have to say, listening to the first 30 mins. of this debate, I am disappointed with Stewart. I am no fan of Bill whatsoever, but my gosh, Bill was making more sense than Stewart in this particular debate. It seems to me Stewart has been living on "Bullshit Mountain" A LOT longer than Bill has, viewing this debate. Make no mistake, Bill likes to talk the talk, but when it comes to hard Principles, and Philosophy in Government.. he is not consistent. If you are against redistribution of wealth, then you can not be for programs like Medicare, for it is redistribution of wealth, plain and simple. But man, Bill was more in tune with a philosophy of limited government, and not putting so much faith in big government than Stewart was. After 10 mins. of listening to John, my head hurt, and was in somewhat of disbelief and amazement, that I had given John possibly too much credit. Anyways, John made me sick to listen to him. His support/admiration and blind trust in government was sickening. He has demonstrated to me at least, that he truly does not have any understanding of what the role of government ought to be. He doesn't understand Free-Markets, and instead believes in Central Planning/Big Government to solve all our problems.

I hope Stewart continues to support and expose the bias against Ron Paul, and the message of Liberty, as he has in the past. But this Debate was truly an eye opener that John, just really doesn't stand all that strong when it comes to fundamental principles and philosophies. Truly, no substance at all was demonstrated by Stewart in this debate. His true colors were presented...and damn was it ugly.

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