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Getting a higher limit on your credit card

will enable your consumption to expand for a while.

But if your income does not expand commensurately
your credit-dependent consumption will eventually crash.

A lot of the innovation you cite has enabled faster and more
extensive exploitation of limited resources more so than
expanding their supply. Like an economic bubble, the further/
faster/longer it expands, the more severe the crash when it eventually
hits. When the increase in population driven demand hits the wall
of finite resources (as it already is) the crash is not going to be
a pretty sight.

There is a good case to be made that we have passed not only
peak oil, but peak topsoil, peak usable fresh water, peak fish and
- maybe most critically - peak phosphorous:

That is to say, we are looking at shortages of all the critical underpinnings
of food (in particular) production just as demand is being driven up by
dramatically expanding population.