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I felt the exact same way - surprised that he confused the debt and deficit. I kinda was under the impression that he had a reasonably good grasp of the issues but it's clear he needs to spend more time reading Dr. Paul and Peter Schiff. For what it's worth, I like Jon Stewart, in general, and I think he has the intelligence to really understand the issues.

I should mention that I turned that debate off shortly after that point (which was about 15 minutes in) because it was clear that it wasn't much more than a comedy debate. O'Reilly seemed to be framing the real root cause of our country's issues on the public being lazy and entitled. Meanwhile, where was his discussion about the Federal Reserve, sound currency, the size of government, the lack of following the constitution (which creates an environment where the Federal government has powers that it shouldn't, and sells that influence to the highest bidder), etc.

Now sure O'Reilly could say that medicare and medicaid are the big off-budget items that are dooming us and, to a large extent, that's absolutely true. But the fact that he's *for* (the unconstitutional) social security shows that O'Reilly is a complete phony and is merely selective in the big government programs he approves of.