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I do not look down my nose

I am merely upholding the truth. What are you upholding? Falsehood. The Pharisees were wrong in upholding their traditions such as washing hands which were not biblical and Yahshua and the Apostles called them out for it. Even John the Baptist called them a brood of vipers because of the FALSE TEACHING. Are you accusing him of "looking down his nose"? You are the one who is in bed with the Pharisees because of your false teaching. And the fact that you do not care for truth and law and try to label anyone who does uphold the truth as legalistic only shows your rebellion against GOD.

Yahshua himself said: "The Pharisees sit in Mosheh's seat, therefore do as they say but do not do as they do." If you understood this then you would not be so quick to uphold unrighteousness.