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What a twist of words you have.

You really should read your bible and quit "Forsaking the Commandments of GOD for the traditions of men." You seem bent on giving glory to false gods and idols. IF you say the "Corn King" multiplies your harvest then you have given praise to a false god and are guilty of false worship. Why can't you understand that?

And I do not consign anyone to anywhere. If you read your Scripture you would know that idol worshipers do not enter the Kingdom.
That is not my decree but GOD's. Scripture is clear that you are not to worship GOD as others worship their false gods. If you advocate using a tree or any other pagan symbol in worship of the one true God then you only condemn yourself. I condemn no one.

And again, the Pharisees were not rebuked for keeping GODs law but for teaching their own traditions which is exactly what you are advocating so you are the Pharisee just as most "Christian" preachers are.