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Comment: So you read it but reject it. Ok.

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So you read it but reject it. Ok.

The christmas tree is part of pagan worship. That is a FACT. Now read your Scripture again.

Deuteronomy Chapter 6 verses 10-15, just for example, and tell me how you can possibly justify celebrating christmas. And the fact is that the christmas tree is an IDOL that is a symbol of pagan worship and IDOLS are exactly what the four verses mentioned are talking about. Verse 5 does not negate that fact.

Also there is nothing wrong with disdain of false worship and lies. And the love of Messiah is true but his disdain of money changers and anger that drove him to whip them does not detract from that love. Love does not mean you accept anything just to make people happy. I tell you the truth in spite of your hatred toward me so that perhaps in you zeal to prove me wrong you will have to face the truth.

And again I tell you, I DON'T BELIEVE IN THE FALSE DOCTRINE OF HELL so I didn't say anyone will go there. Those are your words not mine. And I am not surprised that you see the boldness of the truth as arrogance. But I will admit that typed conversation is lacking.