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The premise of this thread... being presented based on those four verses and lopping off the rest. If you have other verses that you think represent Christmas trees in the Bible, I'm all ears. But you can't go around touting these four verses as evidence for your view of it literally being a Christmas tree, because the rest of the chapter negates that.

Now, if you want to go the generalization route, and say that well, ok, these verses aren't literally describing a Christmas tree but idols in general and that a Christmas tree can be an idol, then fine -- I agree with that. Anything can be made an idol, including interpretations of Scripture.

I don't hate you :). I'm sure if we were face to face over a cup of coffee, this conversation would seem a little friendlier. I just don't agree that you're speaking truth. Let's agree to disagree for now, and I will keep an open mind if you have additional verses to share beyond these four that support your view regarding literal descriptions of Christmas trees in the Bible.

Oh, boy...if we go into the hell topic in general, that'll be a whole other can of worms. Suffice it to say, I'm coming around from the traditional eternal conscious torment view to see that every lost sheep will eventually be found -- the Evangelical Universalist by Robin Parry (AKA Gregory Macdonald) and George MacDonald's Unspoken Sermons (esp. 'Justice') have really opened my eyes to the Universalist framework all through Scripture. heheh...I'm sure you're really going to want to stone me, now. ;) Regardless of your particular view, I hope you can go to the new documentary Hellbound? coming out this month (next week locally!) which explores this debate.

Just as a side there ANY holiday that you do find worthy of celebrating?