Comment: Dude. If you dropped your

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Dude. If you dropped your

Dude. If you dropped your kids off with Hitler Youth every morning, would you really be all that surprised that the poor sap was told some pretty wild tales about jews?

So why not ditto, for dropping him off with an organization funded by totalitarian authoritarians?

Similarly, of course $100K/year, triple divorced single mom taxfeeding whores titulated as school teachers, are going to "teach" your kids about the benefits of unionized labor, sexual "freedom" and how nice it is to live in a "welfare" state that "takes care of" those children who just happen to end up on wrong side of the above.

As I'm sure others have said before; subjecting your kids to a bunch of tax feeding leeches all day, every day, for the only life the poor kid will ever have; is nothing short of child abuse. Much worse than Nintendo on the couch all day; even if that should somehow happen to be the only alternative.