Comment: That begs the response: so

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That begs the response: so

That begs the response: so what? Yes, she is not perfect. A hypocrite, but that does nto change the message. Even if she was a witch composed of part Obama, part Hitlary, part G.W., part Romney, it still does not make the message any more or less true.

It is the ad hominem fallacy of confusing mesage with messenger.
So if the messenger is imperfect that means all the message must be wrong?

If she is imperfect, so what? Big news break eilif, noone is perfect. Yes AR is full of human faults and frailties. So is everyone. If eilif is not perfect does that mean everything he says must be disregarded?

If an obese out of shape doctor says obesity and lack of fitness is not good, does that mean he must be wrong. Should everyone therefore embrace obesity and laziness because the doctor did live up to his message? And what of everything else the doctors says. Does it mean every word out of his mouth must aso be disregarded? Of course that would be moronic.

I too am a hypocrite on some level and so is eilif and so is everyone who has ever communicated a rational cohesive thought. I am against income taxes, yet I pay them. Oh what a hypocite am I. Does that now mean the income tax is good?

I am also against the premptive warfare and foreign occupations, and foreign aid (foreign welfare/foreign bribery). Yet I contribute to those items by paying income taxes. Does that now mean premptive warfare and foreign occupations and foreign aid are all therefore good things because of my hypcocritical behavior?

It is of course idiotic. It is the classic ad hominem fallacy. It is generally resorted to by those with ulterior motives. It is the retreat of those who cannot rationally address the message and therefore asttempts to distract by attacking the messenger instead.

Lastly I advocate that anyone that opposes such forced socialist programs should drain as much as they can from it, so as to bring it to an end more quickly. Bleed it dry until nothing is left of the system but an empty dessicated shell. To refuse to participate after being forced to fund such programs actually aids and abets and prolongs such foul programs. It would be hypocritical to be forced to pay into such systems and then act in a manner that would help prolong the existence of such.

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl