Comment: Were it up to me, I'd clear

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Were it up to me, I'd clear

Were it up to me, I'd clear 90% of the population of North America (The non RP 2008 voters) of planet earth, and take all their stuff. Would suit me just fine. Less traffic, and plenty of space to go hunting, fishing, street racing and many other fun things.

But that does not mean there is "overpopulation" in any moral sense. If there is genuine overpopulation, some people will just starve to death, until balance is restored. It's hardly anything to worry about.

The progtards worry, because being degenerate progtards, they are simultaneously wedded to the idea that "demoooocraaaacyy", aka rule by whomever manages to rile up,the biggest lynch mob, is something sacred; and fully aware that progtards are about as fertile as a dried up prune. While less delusional people actually have figured out how to procreate. Which, as God has been saying all along, will lead to someone other than the progtards inheriting the earth. Thank goodness.