Comment: No, the modern Progressives, as in the past,

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No, the modern Progressives, as in the past,

only talk the talk. They have always been complicit in war crimes, turning a blind eye to Stalin's crimes, then Mao's mass murders. The entire socialist movement covered up those two Democides and focused all attention only on Hitler's horrendous but far smaller murder statistics. If you are unfamiliar with the work of R.J. Rummel documenting these democides, you are simply in the Progressive matrix, deluded by propaganda.

And your 2nd paragraph is similiarly apologetic for war crimes. No. both Ron Paul and Gary Johnson have the conviction and moral strength to immediately reduce conflict, substitute diplomacy or minding our own business, and radically reduce the military. All of your Progressives modern or past, have loved a big strong Empire, just as they love a big strong federal government centrally managing everything and everybody on the planet.

Sorry, as is true of most Liberals/Progressives, you cannot distinguish between talk and reality. That is because the heart of your ideology is rotten: based on coercion backed up by federal guns. Period. Progressivism is anti-peace, anti-liberty because those concept would interfere with their ideal of total control of individuals by a presumed enlightened elite that knows much better than ordinary humans how they should behave.

Nothing has improved under Obama, and he's not unusual in history. Nothing improved under the Repubs either. They are equally phony.