Comment: why fractional banking works for me...

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why fractional banking works for me...

Because it means my one ounce of silver is actually worth 10 times its current value to those of whom I would lend out pieces of "interest" paper with assumed value based on my little 'auld one ounce of silver.

The question is, can silver be "liquidated"? Eliminated from he conscious of the Earth? Worthless?
Can gold?
Can it be confiscated?

That's what happens when the people end up having more "value" than those political reps and world leaders that squandered away their people's treasure and continue to lead them into certain desperation.

That's what happened in 1933.

We, as a people have more real value in our "land" and our "resources" than the Federal gov't has. So, silver, where does it go?

40 billion ounces certainly seems manageable, at any price.

Zero dollars to 200 dollars an ounce only happens when the people finally realize just who owns the silver.

Ron Paul taught me that.

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