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You legalistically and

pharisaically condemn people to hell who choose to include decorating a Christmas tree in their celebration of the Saviors birth. You claim you need no interpretation of Scripture because it is "plain" although others here have disagreed with your interpretation of Scripture (and are you not a man with traditions and baggage just like those others whose "traditions" and interpretations you dismiss?). YOU need no interpretation, yet you insist YOUR interpretation of Scripture is the correct one for everyone else. This is exactly why I gave up on Protestantism and became Catholic. The Magisterium and Tradition, along with Scripture and the guidance of the Holy Spirit on the Church founded by Christ on the rock of Peter (apostolic succession) are needed for faithful and Godly understanding of Scripture. The "every man is a preacher deciding what Scripture means" leads to flawed and sinful humans finding preachers that suit them and interpreting Scripture according to their own biases, rather than following the teaching of Christ.
As I said, I know no one who worships their Christmas tree. You say you do. Maybe you should talk to them. Only God knows what is in our hearts and He will decide who He wants with Him in the hereafter.