Comment: "Off with their heads!" came the refrain from gathering crowds.

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"Off with their heads!" came the refrain from gathering crowds.

1794. Many French aristocrats lost their head over revolution lost. I was not an aristocrat. The gruesome pictograph seemed a distant glimpse of the past.

French Revolution: "Like all compatriot, we were taught as a child that the guillotine fell on evil aristocrats. Then we
found out that our own ancestor had lost his head in 1794 when revolutionaries discovered a cache of [gold or silver] coin of the realm with the King’s head in the family grange.

During the French revolution, the new printers-that-be (PTB) went to a faith based, fiat paper-money... the Assignat, which the government was soon to hyper inflate. To decree new worthless paper to be used in trade required insentive. To prevent a competing currency, still-circulating such as gold and silver coin, the PTB made having, using or offering valuable coins a decapitation offense. "Off with your head!" settled many a score.

The revolutionaries even ran "sting" operations. "Hey farmer....psst....wanna sell that cow for some real silver?" If you said yes or maybe, "Off with your head!"

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