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oh, no doubt

I didnt mean to suggest that FAIR was an unbiased 3rd party. Its very much Mormon biased. That is its purpose, to defend the church as accurately and verifiably as possible. It's not an independent analysis, but neither was the site making the anti-mormon claims. I'm not even sure a fair and accurate 3rd party analysis is even possible, at least not one that could come to a definitive conclusion because it's pretty much a "Party A says this, Party B says this" type situation. It's pretty hard for outsiders to tell who is correct but at least the FAIR article tries to cite what the Prophet, architects, and builders have said about what the meaning of the symbology is and it's not the evil satanic things the anti-mormon site claims.

So what I posted was just a counter argument from the defending party against the attacking party. I posted it so people could see two different sides of the issue instead of just the one. Having 2 accounts to judge from is better than just 1. It's up to the reader to decide. If the reader still has difficulty Mormons always invite people not to just take their word for it but to follow the counsel found in James 1:5 and ask God which is true.

My opinion is that the creepy conspiracy theories some people hold about the church are just that, and only exist in the mind of the critic, not reality. Some see conspiracy in every gust of wind. That said, it does not mean conspiracies dont exist and that one shouldnt be wary. I just posit that there is not some ominous Mormon conspiracy or some dark practice that leads to satan worship or anything like that in the church. That is just flat out false. To disabuse some of this fact is nigh unto impossible but I give it my best shot anyway from time to time as some will benefit from the information. In the end people will believe what they want to believe. So be it.