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I have read the pages many times

I am under the understanding that a write-in candidate in CA needed to be qualified by the primary election (not for the primary, BY THE TIME OF THE PRIMARY). Ron Paul did not file as a write-in. (wpouldn't sour grapes rule apply?)

So now we have another, "enlisting Ron Paul through a 55 electoral college vote". but I'm not connecting the dots and I'm reading this different than others, who have not explained anything, only insulted me. Write-in votes are not even counted until after the election.. so to me, all you are doing is giving the government your personal information as a registered voter and then writing in a name that will not be counted, but it feels good to you. You can say "I wrote in Ron Paul". While that may have some folks think, "cool", there are people like me who think you made a bad deal. Why bothering registering to vote? If freedom is popular.. all you did was trade your personal information for a vote that won't be counted.

Still I want to see what the Sec of state says.. BTW, I wrote to her after the primary election because she had Romney on her web page as THE Nominee June 6TH. I asked her, "How can Romney be THE GOP nominee when the RNC hasn't happened yet?" Never got a response.

I get tired of being played. But some enjoy it.