Comment: I don't doubt that the dem party pulls state level dirty tricks.

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I don't doubt that the dem party pulls state level dirty tricks.

But most of the election fraud happening as of late has been done by the republican party. They're trying hard to disenfranchise voters, be it by limiting polling hours so blue collar workers are less capable to vote, or requiring people to have state-issued photo IDs knowing full well a huge chunk of black people, mexicans, vets and students are far more unlikely to have state-issued photo IDs. Legislation was also forced through in many states to make acquiring these IDs more time consuming or expensive. This is BLATANT voter disenfranchisement.

In Florida they pulled some real dirty tricks to purge people from the voter rolls, mass-mailing "respond to this or we're assuming you're not a real person" messages to the home addresses of soldiers currently serving abroad, knowing there's no way for them to respond and booting them off the rolls shortly thereafter. Rick Scott is the poster child for this recent antidemocratic trend, but a previous Florida GOP chairman is on record saying he was bothered by how the FL GOP was planning to disallow black people from voting:

The real election fraud is happening not where people cast votes, but rather, where those votes are counted. Several states now have arguably privatized elections entirely with e-voting and optical ballot scanning machines. In Florida you can't even hand-count ballots without a court order. These machines are unverifiable, (no paper trail), black box and hackable as all hell. Ballot scanning machines require the info to be uploaded to someone's machine, and you'd better hope that person is trustworthy..

The whole 2000 election fiasco was caused by ill-equipped optical ballot scanning machines, so what does the senate do? Pass the Help America Vote Act, which mandates funding for.... MORE optical ballot scanners and e-voting machines! Those fucks couldn't throw money at Diebold fast enough.

Now we hear that the AP is no longer performing exit polls in 19 states, most of which are not considered swing states, but most of which have entirely electronic voting systems. Hooray for no accountability.

We both watched as Ron Paul was victimized in the primaries by questionable voting systems. We know by now how insidious this party can be--it wants voting to be a privilege rather than a right because it wants fewer people voting! Our democracy has been sold to the highest bidder, and the problem isn't an over-registration of voters, or election day voter impersonation.. that's mere peanuts. Look to those who count the votes for the real fraud. The problem is not VOTER FRAUD but ELECTION FRAUD.