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e.g. name "Adam", & Civility.

Most folks are unaware because The Name is kept Off-the-agenda.

1st teachings of children is names, same were the teachings in the 1st records of man. See Genesis 2:19-20 - " ~ ~ and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof. 20 And Adam gave names to all ~ ~ ".
This is the easy part, it relates to common nouns (or names). The problem in the west is with proper-nouns, or personal names, e.g. "Adam". These names are Not translated or altered, they can be transliterated in other languages, but retain the same sound.

The name "Adam" has not changed over time, location - country, language, religion or sect. Adam has remained the same - all over the world. It is a shining example that a lot of mischief is going on in the world, specially in the religious domain.

This subject was discussed briefly on DP last week -
read a few post above and below this link-post.

Please meditate or ponder upon "Civility". Hope to hear more from you, thanks.