Comment: Obama is no match for Paul and Romney will lead the US into WW3

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Obama is no match for Paul and Romney will lead the US into WW3

And this IS EXACTLY WHY THE MEDIA FILTERED ALL OF DR PAUL's ads. This is EXACTLY WHY the GOP changing rules and manipulating the election.

I am afraid that the intent of the gop is to place Romney in office. I see a hacking democracy replay


DEMANDING that the election be fair

Question for my RP friends. IF VOTERS ASK FOR A PAPER COPY OF THEIR VOTES do you think this could possibly prevent vote count manipulation?

If this would help then
BILLBOARDS on Main freeways in each city could relay this message to the public

A message such as
" Keeping our voting machines honest. ASK FOR A PAPER COPY OF YOUR VOTE"

Also reaching out to reporters at our local news stations. Asking that they also help inform the public

I would be willing to hit the streets and try and make this happen in my area
I know it's late in the game but it is NOT OVER I can no longer sit idle and let the gov rule my world rule my finances and control my children's education. Voting is NOT enough anymore. We have too all Do much more

If ONE man, Jason Russell, gained worldwide attention using Kony2012 THEN American Citizens can restore our rights one issue at a time. Starting with a fair and just voting system!

Feedback please

I am an Independent American I am a Libertarian!