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Comment: Think Twice

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Think Twice

Oh my, guess we need to think twice about this narrowly quoted scripture. Perhaps we need to reconsider living in or using a wooden house made of trees, or a business or perhaps a church made of wood? Do you use any food from a tree that has wood or eat any food grown, stored or sold thru a wooden structure? What about the trees felled to make the paper for your Bible?
By the way Christmas Tree Growers plant an average of 2-3 trees for every one harvested and while the trees grow they produce enough oxygen for 18 people per acre per year while also providing erosion protection, wildlife habitat, food and cover for animals, etc, etc,. Not to mention that they are a green 100% renewable resource. Sounds to me like a good use of a resource--perhaps good stewardship?? I don't think your comment is good stewardship!