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bear Questions.

"I think that Gary Johnson is probably on the Top 100 List and therefore he is being turned."

How do you know whether if GJ (or anyone) is a "plant" at inception or someone being "turned?"

If someone is "being" turned, how do you know when they have been turned?

It concerns me that there seems to be a big push on the DP for GJ. It concerns me that Friends or the Fight for Liberty is being turned.

So I guess the top 10 list changes as people are turned...or marginalized?

Why are people who cannot be bought still alive? Is it because they are not on the top 10 or have been marginalized?
It seems I had more thoughts on my mind last week regarding Still and I should have made some brief notes to myself. My memory is so bad I can't even remember what I wanted to talk about...I do know that Banking Institute Meeting Still spoke at this summer was the first one. I don't know who put it together. It seems people are trying to figure out what to do. I am thinking from some of Still's comments that he was a candidate in the Libertarian Party for the presidency run. I don't know how that party works. But what if he was and GJ was sent in to ruin Liberty in the Libertarian Party?

I think another thing I wanted to ask you: How significant do you think it is that the Fed Charter is up next year?

Thanks Joe!