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no--I just realize that these people . . .

haven't awakened yet--

Joining the military, unlike robbing, isn't illegal, yet--

I don't agree with these wars anymore than you do. I am outraged by them, but I don't blame those who join the military. Most of them don't even know that these things are going on. Those of us who are awake know about the horrific things that are happening, and some people in the military actually wake up while there--

These people, who join the military, are not *our* enemies; they are co-victims of the global banking cartel--

just as we are.

It's time to educate them, not declare war on them.

So, *we* here on DP declare these people to be villains and criminals--

what do *we* do about it?

Can *we* do more than not join the military if our consciences don't allow it?

You want to form a posse and go after this grandpa and grandma and dad?

Yes, it's frustrating to know what the military is doing in the middle east; it's enraging--

but taking it out on those who are asleep isn't the answer--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--