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Deeds confess.

"How do you know whether if GJ (or anyone) is a "plant" at inception or someone being "turned?"

This is similar to the question asked about specific Videos, Books, Movies, and other Media, and the answer is to realize how exposure to that specific media inspires you to feel, think, or act.

If the result of exposure to the media, or connection to the person, is for you to become less powerful, by some accurate measure, then you have the vital question answered accurately: yes or no?

"If someone is "being" turned, how do you know when they have been turned?"

Ron Paul MOMENTUM was turned, perhaps not Ron Paul himself, so this is a way of answering the question, to know the actual cause of the resulting condition of power-less-ness.

How much "ENERGY" was generated by the recent Liberty Movement?

What happened when it was noncontroversial, a know fact, that Ron Paul was not going to be the Republican Candidate for President of U.S.A. Inc. (LLC)?

What would have been noncontroversial, a known fact, were Ron Paul to get on the television, anywhere, and say: "I've made a deal with Ben Bernanke, and now I am fully supporting Central Banking, where Ben, and his Corporate Person-hood, have exclusive, and absolute, POWER over all the Legal Money owned by anyone, anywhere, within the Jurisdiction of the Federal Government of U.S.A. Inc. (LLC), and thank you to all those who have supported me up to this point, and thank you to all those who have been, are, or will be involved in working toward greater LIBERTY."

What would be painfully obvious at that point, where that to happen?

How would you feel, after hearing Ron Paul speak those words, were that to happen today?

"So I guess the top 10 list changes as people are turned...or marginalized?"

Again, from a Power Principle Perspective (Joe's Law), this is easy to see, since Destructive Power does not ask such questions, since everyone is always BAD, and therefore no one is ever Trusted, and power is always used to destroy power, and the source of power are those moral productive people who operate on Productive Power Principles, such as spirituality, equity, the golden rule, etc.

The Legal Criminals have a different Top 10.

The non criminals seek cooperation, honesty, and their top 10 are those who can help turn less productive power into more productive power, and "turning" people isn't even an option.

You don't resort to deceit, threats of violence, and violence when you offer instructions in scripture, or The World of God, generously, to other people.

Don't confuse the two.

They look for Top 10 deceivers, bullies, and violent people, to be among them.

If we could borrow their Top 10 list of Friends of Legal Crime, then we have our most powerful enemies, then we merely avoid them, and we have more power to use in making more power.

Their Top 10 is our best Friends of Liberty.


Don't confuse the two, if you are confusing the two.

Back to your question:

"So I guess the top 10 list changes as people are turned...or marginalized? "

Certainly: when Legal Criminals are rendering their enemies powerless, the most powerful enemies they know about, are rendered powerless, then, logically, they have a new most powerful enemy to then be rendered powerless.

That is not the same thing as you sharing your knowledge concerning The Word of God, to people who may want to know better.

In other words, you have a life to live, things on your to do list, and among those things, you have to watch out for someone attacking you, and you have to avoid them, or you will be forced to be injured, or you will be forced to defend yourself, but for the most part you associate, connect to, and share things with friends who are similarly not working the something for nothing angle (crime), similarly not sharing the best ways to deceive other people, threaten other people, and violently destroy other people.

Your Top 10 is almost on another planet.

When speaking about the Top 10 Legal Crime list, where Legal Criminals are working on rendering those Top 10 people powerless, they have options that are not even on your to do list.

Make a deal with the powerful opponent of Legal Crime, rewarding the opponent with any amount of money imaginable, to stop fighting against Legal Crime.

Threaten the powerful opponent of Legal Crime with the worst possible threat imaginable, any act that can be purchased by any amount of money, any form of torture imaginable in the mind of the worst example of human being alive today.

Violently make good on the threat, or violently dispose of the powerful opponent of Legal Crime.

How many people are easily turned with option 1, and that isn't even the whole story.

There is another option used by Legal Criminals.

How easy is it to make a powerful opponent of Legal Crime misdirected and powerless as the powerful opponent of Legal Crime is made to think wrongly by some application of deceit in the form of an attractive person who is employed in the work of deception?

There are many cases of powerful people having a connection to an "adviser" where the powerful person is "advised" to do wrong things while they are "convinced" in the right of the things done.

Look up, for one example, a person known as Edward Mandell (Colonel) House.

So there are 4 options, three are obvious, and one only works if it is hidden.

Anther thing done by Legal Criminals is to set Sons against Fathers, wife's against husbands, brothers against brothers, and why not, that is the name of the game, the point of Legal Crime.

Power used to destroy power.

That is a world apart from power used to make power abundant.

Two different worlds, and confusing the two is not done by Legal Criminals, they know better, it is powerful to know better, and they will spend the power they have making other people confuse the two - obviously.

Who produces deceit, and why?

Even simple terms, not in the terms of a few men sitting around a table conspiring to rule the world, or some other diversion, simple terms, who, for example, produces false advertizements?

The people spending the money on false advertizements know that they are "turning" people, that is the name of their game, but do you do that, do you go around "turning" people that way, resorting to deceit, to get something for nothing?

Two different worlds.

Don't confuse the two, if that is what you are doing.

"Why are people who cannot be bought still alive? Is it because they are not on the top 10 or have been marginalized?"

I don't think that we, or anyone we know, will ever know the names, addresses, and current locations of the most powerful 10 Legal Criminals or the names, addresses, and currently locations of the most powerful 10 people who are on those 10 Legal Criminals Top 10 Enemies List, so, it is vital that we separate that knowable fact, that we won't ever know, from any other specific POWER STRUGGLE in view.

To be ambiguous is to be powerless.

Who can you speak about concerning any specific "turning" of any kind?

Gary Johnson?

Once you sent to me the information offered by Bill Still that case is closed as far as I am concerned.

Gary Johnson can be trusted to work against Liberty, in my opinion.

Ron Paul, in my opinion, can be trusted to work toward Liberty

I can be wrong.

What is at stake?

Is it worth expending your power to be ambiguous?

"But what if he was and GJ was sent in to ruin Liberty in the Libertarian Party?"

Business as usual. Which business? Don't confuse the two.

1. Liberty
2. Legal Crime

Who gains what when anyone confuses the two?

"I think another thing I wanted to ask you: How significant do you think it is that the Fed Charter is up next year?"

How about a Top 10 significance list for me?

Me doing the right thing every moment and all the demons and all the angels involved in my head as this power struggle continues.

Those closest to me avoiding injury, suffering, and misery while they are still alive.

Any moment NEWS can reach me as reports of the latest False Flag (October Surprise) Event being staged and the newest one can turn out to be the worst ever.

I can't even think now, I have this present writing assignment, a welcome thing, and then I have a list of other things to do, and so I'm going to end this with a word or two on the Side Show of The FED somehow being rendered POWERLESS because of a date written down on a piece of paper.

Legal Crime Power is not going to significantly reduce when the date on that piece of paper arrives.

What if The Friends of Liberty were to set their own date and when that date arrives we will no longer provide the means by which we suffer?