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Quick Question Turned in to Several

Me, the one that doesn't want to give up on anyone...was making an effort to post that Still video on GJ promoting posts. I feel the need to alert people. I don't want to see Friends of Liberty co-opted. I want to at least try to get the news out there that this could be a co-opt. What do you think about me doing that? I will create enemies and may be divisive.

I spent an hour and half watching/listening to a video while doing chores, and resting abit. The stupid thing started with Ron Paul, had a bunch of stuff about the police state and NDAA/Patriot act/Foreign Wars. I thought the info was pretty much right on. The stupid thing ended with GJ. I feel like it is a bait and switch, and it makes me feel cheated.

GJ will not secure liberty for the unborn.
GJ does not advocate keeping the fruit of ones labor
GJ does not advocate the marriage issue being a states issue.

GJ is not Ron Paul and I am afraid the Liberty Party is being used to steal a 3rd option for those seeking a 3rd party.

What can be done?

And one more thing. What are the demons and angels in your head? Do you want to talk about that at all?

I have cold soccer game to attend to night (I do not like the cold and I am sorry to say, I wish I didn't have to endure, but I will because my son is playing and he wants to play...see is that involuntary or voluntary? If I had my personal desire met I would not go, but I go for him because I am his mother and I love him more than I love myself. But my love for him does not make me want to go. I'm conflicted. That is the kind of stuff I don’t understand when it comes to voluntaryism. )

Oh and my oldest!!! Won the BB Gun shooting contest and doesn't even shoot! He has a good eye! Jeff said he split the last target like Davy Crocket LOL.

The other thing...our house guest is a neocon, but at least he didn't care if I unloaded on him last night. He is 25 yrs military retired. Thinks it is ok to torture and doesn't like Ron Paul's foreign policy and is going to vote Romney even though he doesn't like him. When I told him Obama/Romney were a choice between Hitler & Stalin, he told me I had to choose my poison. It made me think of the conversation we had were you said a person needs to have a 3rd or 100 options. I told him I was going to choose any poison. I was going to vote my conscience. (Probably Goode at this point.)

Anyways the other thing, you said we should have options our enemies don't even know about so we are the ones in control. Don't you think those enemies have 100 options too concerning us?

Why do you trust Bill Still?

I feel like a child with all of these simpleton questions...Thank you Joe!