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You said a mouth full

Admitting that you worship the pope is evidence enough of your Scriptural ignorance. If the pope is your father so be it. And the FACT is that Scripture is easy to understand for those who seek truth by the Holy Spirit and not just to satisfy there own desires.

No tree worship? Here is just one example or if you care to just google it yourself.
Or look it up in an encyclopedia. How hard is it to understand that you are not suppose to worship GOD the same way others worship their false gods? How hard is it to understand when HE says it makes HIM jealous? It takes no interpretation.

I said nothing about hell. Now tell me from Scripture what hell is? You can't because hell is not Scriptural. Christmas is not Scriptural. Easter is not Scriptural. Sunday sabbath is not Scriptural. Friday entombment is not Scriptural. Mary worship is not Scriptural. I challenge you to show me where any of those are and I will convert to Catholicism right now.

It is a fact that Constantine compromised the Church and instituted all those pagan doctrines. You say you left Protestantism for Catholicism? Then I say you jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire. At least the protestants rejected the authority of the pope even if they didn't reject the false teachings.