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Again Powerful Questions

"What do you think about me doing that? I will create enemies and may be divisive."

I think the same answer is provided the same way. Information is being offered, generously, and if the information is competitively factual, then the result will be greater POWER of awareness, this Truth will Set you Free Stuff, and so who is going to be rendered less powerful by your efforts to offer, generously, this information if it is true?

If it is not true, in seems to me, the response due to you is a favor, a generous act, for someone else to clue you in, help you to know better.

Who is going to complain, and why, and what constitutes the replies that you are due, or the replies that you do not welcome, what constitutes the replies whereby someone else may resort to deceit, threats, or other things in reply to your generous offerings of information?

"What do you think about me doing that? I will create enemies and may be divisive."

I think that you are being competitive, generous, righteous, good, vital, effective, and accurately measurable as a true Friend of Liberty in a genuine sense - not a counterfeit sense of the meaning of Liberty.

If your competitive, and generous, offerings of vital information is met with unwelcome responses then you have enemies of liberty known, but that does not mean that you created those enemies.

You or I or anyone does not create enemies by offering information, the enemies are already there, and now you know better, as do they, concerning which side of this Power Struggle you Stand - firmly.

Is it your desire to fight this battle from a hidden position in the dark?

Is that even possible?

Which side are you on?

GJ will not secure liberty for the unborn.
GJ does not advocate keeping the fruit of ones labor
GJ does not advocate the marriage issue being a states issue.

Those are merely the known, stated, positions, and anyone can say anything one minute, and do the opposite thing the next.

Who comes up with actual, workable, solutions that can be done by a specific date?

End the FED by next July
End the IRS by next July
Bring the Troops Home by next July

If there are more competitive things to do by a more competitive date in reality, then where are these things to do on these more competitive dates?

I isn't hard to figure out Friend from Foe from DUPE.

I was thinking this today, on my way to visit my mother, as we two, my mother and I represent the generations of dupes, and somehow I managed to wake up, what about the next generation?

Friends of Liberty
Friends of Legal Crime

They will be the power that defines the answer, not us, we are perishable in our time.

"I do not like the cold and I am sorry to say, I wish I didn't have to endure, but I will because my son is playing and he wants to play...see is that involuntary or voluntary?"

Please try better to avoid confusing the application of the word voluntary to be either/or a Lawful Collective Sum Total Human Peer Pressure sense, as in "government", or an individual, within yourself, sense of judgement.

You, yourself, has the power, exclusively, to decide to go to the soccer game, or not go, and you can prove it, flip a coin, base your exclusive decision on a coin toss, and you either go, or you don't go, based upon your choice to do what random selection decides, as the coin toss decides the matter, and you decide before hand to either go or not go, based upon that coin toss.

If you find out that you can't even honor your own decision, you can't even do as you tell yourself to do, then who, or what, decides these things for you?

That has to be understood in that context, as it is your personal battle with your own, exclusive, will power.

That is not the context of Political Economy and the Power Struggle between Liberty and Legal Crime where you have no choice but to pay involuntary taxes.

If you have to move to another Despotism, outside the reach of The Dollar Hegemony, to avoid paying Federal Income Taxes with Federal Reserve Notes, then that is a tax imposed upon you by them, your have to expend the costs, pay that tax, in that way, and that is far and away a different application of the word "voluntary".


Why confuse one with the other?

Your control
Not your control

You can flip and coin and either go or not go to the soccer game.

Can you stop paying involuntary taxes to Legal Criminals?

"I told him I was going to choose any poison."

How simple can it get to accurately identify a true Friend of Liberty?

Do you pay Federal Income Tax payments with Federal Reserve Notes?

Is that your choice?

Are there any alternatives, let alone 100, since one way or the other you will be paying involuntary taxes to criminals with badges until enough Friends of Liberty act in unison, on their own power of will, in time.

"Anyways the other thing, you said we should have options our enemies don't even know about so we are the ones in control. Don't you think those enemies have 100 options too concerning us?"


They have 3 options, but many variations of the same 3 options:

Threats of Violence

Your neo-con visitor is either a victim of deceit or a willful criminal with or without the badge, but the same 3 things are at work.

"Why do you trust Bill Still?"

Innocent until proven guilty.

Where is the proof of his guilt?

Does Bill Still advocate torture?

Does Bill Still lend moral and material support, willingly, so as to cause torture to innocent people ("collateral damage")?

"I feel like a child with all of these simpleton questions...Thank you Joe!"

Please consider shedding, if possible, those feelings, you are accurately measurable as a true righteous human being, stand like one more - please.