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That is not the point

Sure trees clapping their hands sounds odd. Yes it did to me when I first read it. But it is in Scripture even if it is symbolic. But the point is that Trees have been a subject of worship, christmas is a day of pagan worship. And to use those against GOD's explicit command not to, in any semblance of worship toward Him, is wrong. He set forth how He wants to be worshiped and He says it makes Him angry and jealous when we do as the false worshipers do. If we just worship Him as we see fit then we are not worshiping Him at all.

As far as eating things sacrificed to idols. Yes Paul said don't ask and just give thanks and eat. BUT if you take part in a pagan sacrificial rite and eat then you are sinning. And that was only for personal consumption. He never even suggested that animals sacrificed to idols should be set on HIS alter or offered in the temple.

And since animal sacrifice has given way to spiritual praise and repentance then to offer praise or repentance while partaking of pagan ritual is just as bad as it would have been to offer up a sacrifice to an idol on His alter. You might as well offer a pig for your trouble.

In the end we all have to answer for ourselves. You don't have to believe me and I don't want you or anyone else too. I prefer that if anything I inspire in some way that people search Scripture for Truth and believe that Truth no matter how it conflicts with the worldly traditions we all grew up with. I wasn't born believing how I do. I once celebrated all the paganism that the world does and I thank my heavenly Father that my eyes were opened to the truth.

Do you remember when you realized the lies that our political system is mired in. Do you think it is hard convincing people of the political truths of our government and opening their eyes. It is only harder with Scriptural truth.