Comment: So we sit and watch for 10 YEARS

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So we sit and watch for 10 YEARS

as TPTB completely suck us dry and then the whole thing collapses? Well, I say FCUK THAT! I don't have 10 years to live like this.

People have 2 choices. STOP funding the criminals NOW, or help to fast forward the collapse by figuring out every way possible to become part of the "dependent" class so that it doesn't take 10 years for them to run out of money.

I do NOT want to sit and watch this bathtub slowly drain until there is nothing left if it's going to take 10 years. That's a lot of years for "we the people" to live in survival mode while the elite keep printing themselves more money for their last big blow out before they jump ship.

I wish we could just shut down the government. Seems there is no other way to stop getting bent over. They clearly have no plans to fix $hit! And even if they did, if fixing $hit is gonna take 10's foolish to fix it. We need to BREAK the damn thing NOW and build a new system.

We got a get out of this place...if its the last thing we ever do...theres a better life for me and you.

Stop fearing the people who are suppose to be working for US. Lets fire them all. Ignore them. Ignore their rules. STOP FUNDING THEM and STOP FIGHTING for them. FCUK THEM ALL!