Comment: Most people have little or no trust in the government already...

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Most people have little or no trust in the government already...

I went to the movie theater a couple years ago to see Alien vs Predator. The people in the town were trying to escape the aliens and they had been in phone contact with a government agent who told them to go to the center of town. One of the people then said it didnt make any sense and they were being misled on purpose. To that, a women burst out saying "The government doesn't lie!", in an 'are you crazy' kind of way.

You know what the people in the theater did as soon as that was said?
(the theater could have been considered packed)

They all burst out laughing. It was not just some snickering either, it was like someone had told a hilarious joke.

Now, this particular event I will always remember. It shows to me that most people know the government is untrustworthy. Deep down, whether they are just the average person or whether they consider themselves a conspiracy theorist, most people already have a lack of trust in the government. The thing that is different among people is to what extent they acknowledge this.

Hmm, I have to wonder whether asking people if they think the government is completely trustworthy might open the cracks up into questioning other things.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.