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Hi Jefferson,

Thank you for your very excellent questions. I appreciate it, really.

A) Holograms are something wild and unproven. An obvious distraction strategy, and can discredit everyone that accepts and promotes it. As the project manager for this operation, I really cant see why I should need missiles. Would add risk to this operation and could just create a mess. Really cant see why I should need or want them at all. Lets fake it instead. The animation team can easily fake some planes anyway, really simple. Yes, after the first hit we need someone that can confirm the rumors so that we can get the story on the right track. I think we have to use some of our own people here (please watch this review of the first eye witnesses on TV: )

"They saw a grey military plane" etc? I think this is very important part of the trick. If we create lots of different leads, it will be harder for the public to unite behind a common platform. We will argue day and night for years. Most people will be exhausted and confused, and after a while give us up and go with the largest group (that media will create) like sheep. Accepted: "planes crashed into buildings and killed 3000 Americans. We must support WoT, etc". We argue day and night, and have way to complicated stories with way to many elements. That way, we would have a hard time creating the largest group (that the sheep will follow). I’m sure others have better ideas here than me.

B)Yes, we have to fake that part too. We cant reveal how we really blew up the buildings. Besides, the animation team can create something much more spectacular. We like that. Have to broadcast it lots of times and people really have to get it. Someone from the horror movie business have to assist I suggest. The Independence Day (1996) team were pretty good. We need something more than a boring puff. People must see how horrible it is.

As project manager for this operation, I'm really pleased how far we have come in this operation without killing anyone. Because it is simply a bad strategy. It is much harder to recruit the people we do need when it involves a conspiracy to murder. The producers at Fox wouldn't like to be involved in that! And even I as the project manager could be black mailed! And get angry banksters families with access to Uptown lawyers chasing us? No thanks! The Statue of Limitations for insurance fraud in New York is 5 years, and I'm sure we can delay the investigation that long. Illegal demolitions of buildings without permit? 2 years? All the actors and producers and many other have their actions protected as Free Speech if busted. Fake news isn't illegal at all. Killing is the bad strategy and I will not be project manager with such unnecessary risks. Lets fake it all!

The thousands of people? I haven’t counted, but I will guess a few hundred was sufficient. Not all actors, we can use extra. And we can cut and past them into the movie, so should be solved someway with enough people in the movie scenes to make it horrific and credible. Several smaller camera teams that we can cut paste into the movie - not just one big recording. You need to direct me to a video with these thousands of extra. I'm not familiar with that scene.

We do not know what happened to the buildings. My guess is that they were blown up the conventional way.

"explosive squibs of material" etc. Well it had to look spectacular I think - scary and horrific. A bonus is that some people will have even more to argue about, and create distractions and plurality. Works great as long as they keep the discussion inside the virtual reality. The Big Lie strategy is to broadcast a Hollywood horror movie on TV. Anyone who blows the whistle on that will be labeled as a lunatic and easily be dismissed. That Big Lie is to big to be believed (we have lots of experience with this - and it works we know).

C) The faked rubble was discovered only 2-3 years ago. Not familiar with the "dump trucks leaving with material, and people standing along the road cheering them on". Could be real or not. Cannot see that the dump trucks proves so much. Had to get the rubble out one way or another. I think you need 1 scripted line or scripted task on camera to be an actor. Otherwise I think the right term could be extra. Probably exceptions here, but this is a tiny detail.

"oddly twisted steel columns" etc? Don’t know. Some could be real and some staged and whatever. As long as it looks great on TV, I'll take it.

D) I can accept what you describe. Does NOT prove you are an agent for the operation management - absolutely not. I know that many "investigators" would be trilled if they could discuss the matter with some family members of the missing persons. They tend to not show up there were they discuss this issue. Usually they had a friend or uncle or someone they ones went to school with or worked with. But the family members tend not to show up. I can maybe get Stewart Ogilby over here by tomorrow to discuss this with you if interested. I'm on a too low level unfortunately.

F) Burning cars etc? Not sure exactly what purpose they had. Created some shock and horror (very important to get people mad) when New York looked like a war zone. Not sure where or how these impressions were created. Staged somewhere? Some Photoshop? If it looks good on TV, I'll take it. J Wood like them. She has an opportunity to promote this fantasy with energy weapons that makes everyone who accepts or promote the idea look really bad to sane people. Obviously paid by the 911 operation to lead the opposition, and also keep it inside the virtual reality. That the 911 live news broadcast was faked must be protected.

Studio? Probably more than one. We have a whole book on movie tricks, and we use what we need. Oliver Stone made a 9/11 movie ("World Trade Center") and filmed it in a "rubble field" in Los Angeles. What else could have been made there? Oliver talks about it here, 1:30 - 1:43:

It is really hard to separate real footage from fake footage these days. Now they can create the reality they want. If you can tell a lie to everyone simultaneously, and repeat it so many times that people themselves begin to spread it, you can create a new reality. This is the weapon. They have fooled us many times. I'm shocked. If people knew what I think I understand, we would have an revolution before tomorrow noon.

Thank you for your attention.