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Don't get me wrong,

I'm not in favor of attacking Iran in any way shape or form unless they strike at us first. We don't have the right to tell other countries what they can and can not do with their own stuff, although we act like we do all the time.

My point was that the video left out some information that I believed to be pertinent to making an informed decision on the topic. That doesn't mean that info will change the outcome of the decision.

The MSM paints its story's as black and white all to often when there is really a lot of gray in the mix. This video seemed to simplify the situation too much which made it seem like there was no question as to what was going on. In reality, I'm sure the situation is much more complicated than any of us ever know.

I trust Ron Paul because he has a track record of giving info to me straight and not sugar coating it to get me to side with him. This video seemed a bit sugar coated is all.