Comment: Consider HFCS and Aspertame

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Consider HFCS and Aspertame

If you don't know, High Fructose Corn Syrup and Aspertame are both essentially poisons and both are difficult to avoid in a trip to the grocery store (unless you eat Primal like me!). Check out the history of these two sweeteners and you will see why the FDA is detrimental to our health. Essentially the FDA is a broker for corporations and legitimizes things that are not good for us. The FDA 'approves' things when they get lobbied and bought, like most other government agencies.

Like so many other agencies of government the FDA is good in theory but doesn't work in practice.

When you come to a question of this nature, always ask your self how could the market solve this problem? The possibilities are endless but consider a grocery chain that markets itself based on the quality of its food (in a world where we couldn't assume food was safe), they would face economic as well as legal consequences if they broke that promise. Also consider consumer reports. Take the money you save in taxes and pay a subscription to a consumer report agency so you know what foods are safe and are not.

In conclusion, there is a market solution to every problem.

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