Comment: I am sure every State would..

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I am sure every State would..

I'm sure every state would arrange funding for reuptutable testing facilities, to insure the safety of marketed food products.

But for it to be done at the federal level gives a massive control. Greed comes into play. An organization can become corrupt and put profits ahead of safety or ethics.

As with almost anything, more localized control lessens the chance for greed and corruption. If one State goes bad then it might receive help from the others for justice.

With a centralized entity, state or power.....who you gonna call?

You better believe that in any form of government, there is lots and lots of money and power. Obviously, that is where the greedy and corrupt will seek to establish themselves.

Imagine if they grouped up, established special clubs and societies that would further increase their control. Imagine if they sought to buy up all media outlets and control what people know and believe? Imagince if they gained control of the education system itself...they could control what people learn and believe.

Why would they do it? Power and greed I guess.....

And oh...they did it a long time ago, gained these devices for control of their power. By this day in age, they have perfected the use of their media outlets to completely hoodwink the public in big, big ways.....Looks like those thugs are going global now.