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Yes! I wasn't banned! And the post is still there!

Right. But I'm using my definition of "Christian". A Christian, which I referenced as a "true Christian" in the original post, only kills in self-defense, i.e. "just war".

A "true Christian" can still just call him/herself a "Christian", and not have to refer to him/herself as a "true Christian" because (imo) a Christian = a true Christian, i.e. one who adheres to the "just war" principle etc. An individual who calls him/herself a Christian but does not adhere to that principle may call him/herself a Christian, but, imo, they are not. They are a "false Christian".

This is where numbers (of people, i.e. majorities), lies, and perception obfuscate the truth.

A true Christian knows that they are a true Christian, and they don't need to call themselves by that title.

They are who they say they are. They know the truth.

The truth of the "false Christian" has to be revealed.

I'm not going to try to explain this, unless you want me to. I shoot from the hip.

If it's helpful, cool.

If not, BAN AWAY!!1!


"Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot."